Bebetto Nico Estilo 05 Stroller

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The new project of seat unit, light weight, and shiny colors attracting the eye makes it a great choice for the ones that appreciate functionality and design. Choose your favorite color and be happy with your functional stroller!

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Nico has a seat that allows the child to take a comfortable position. The adjustable hood protects your child from wind and sun. The detachable hood is great for strolling during windy days. Convenient reattaching of a seat unit makes it really easy to face it front-facing or rear-facing. A new way of detaching a barrier is useful while putting your child in a stroller. Thanks to the Flexy Wheels you don’t need to worry about the air pressure in the tires – they always have a stable shape. Their weight and flexibility don’t differ from pumped wheels.


Nico is equipped with shock-absorbers that minimize the vibrations while walking on a sett surface. SAS is a shock absorption system and DMS protects the wheels from blocking while obtaining the obstacles. The frame can be folded down with an attached seat unit, which is really convenient while storing and transporting the stroller.


Bebetto strollers are compatible with Bobostello adapters, that let you install car seat on almost every brand on a Bebetto frame. Backlash reduction system and adjustment of an inclination angle – those are really innovative factors which let you transport your child in an optimal position (lying – for a child up to 6 months old, and seating – for a child that can seat independently).


* ISOFIX BASE – optional


You can fold down the Nico stroller with the seat – with no need to detach it. But that’s not all! The seat unit can be attached facing towards you or away from you. Thanks to this, you can conveniently and quickly fold down the stroller – no matter if you’re walking with an infant or a three-year-old.


Gold, silver, copper, or dark? Choose one of four stylish colours that looks the best with black upholstery. ESTILO collection is a proposition for those that like original solutions.


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